Meet the “ TOLKAR CAMILA MEGGY” Compact Ironer this is an innovative solution, the result of our continuous technological research as a compact and all-in-one machine, mainly developed for those companies that require innovative and small-scale solutions with a particular focus on energy saving and good production numbers and flexibility in production.

Thanks to its many accessories, the machine, in a space of only 25sqm, feeds, irons, folds and stacks linen, including large items up to 3.5m width, supervised by only the one operator. The ironing belts system ensures best ironing quality of the linen, while protecting the fabrics from mechanical stress. The automated functions considerable reduce the productions costs, increasing exponentially the productivity.

The touch-screen panel, intuitive and user-friendly, makes it quick and easy for the operator to use the machine.

Maximum production up to 290 Kg/h, Ironing speed adjustable up to 20 m/min with 3 longitudinal folds and 3 cross folds on one line to a built in stacker unit.

If you are running a smaller industrial laundry and need high quality and throughput coupled with lower running cost this is the machine for you, using its oil filled heating system it saves on energy when heating using the same technology used in far bigger ironers, instead of the traditional burner in a tube design. You will also save on capital cost in comparison to buying individual machines to match a like for like in conventional laundry ironers.


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Units 2&3 Pill Farm, Magor, NP26 3EE, GB