Our Work

Below we have gathered various photos showing the services we provide for our customers indicating the quality and care we take with every project.

Sales & Installation

We are delighted to be selling Tolkar Washing machines and other equipment. If you are looking for a commercial washing machine or dryer, get in touch with us. We offer supply, installation and machine maintenance for all Tolkar industrial laundry equipment.



Folder Rebuild & Installation

Our latest rebuilt folder was installed on a brand new BMM Weston ironer. the machine worked brilliantly following the installation.

Work was carried out by our highly experienced engineers Bob Stapleton and John Woolley. 

Second hand sales

Are you looking for reliable second hand laundry equipment? Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.

Pictured, we have a second hand 4 head towel folder been loaded going to a customer to replace a unit after their old unit would not work.
We at Bootec always test and ensure the equipment is functioning correctly before dispatch whilst this is not a brand-new unit its new to the customer, so we do our best to ensure the best customer experience and reliability ensuring it’s the right equipment to do the job.



Second hand laundry equipment

Ironer line and feeder and folder refurbishment

We help the commercial laundry industry with maintenance, repairs as well as full refurbishments of machines. 

Pictured: refurbishment of a Ironer line and feeder and folder on the customers premises.

 We offer emergency callouts and check in with you to ensure our installs are working well and helping your laundry to keep running efficiently. Get in touch with us to discuss your industrial laundry needs.


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